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IGN: JoemoBiggs
By JoemoBiggs » 15 days ago
  • What style do you build in? = Rustic or just logs wood and cobble

  • How long have you been building in Minecraft? = I would say a year or 2

  • What's your Timezone/Country = Bst Uk

  • What inspires you to build? = Knowing the end result will impress people and will make me learn more styles

  • What's your IGN? = JoemoBiggs

  • Why do you want to be a builder? = I really love building for servers where everyone can see them and can appreciate it

  • Also this may sound unprofessional but how do you attach files to a post 


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IGN: Frenchy13
By Frenchy13 » 6 days ago
Thank you for taking your time to apply, but however we have decided that you do not meet PlayUHC standards and have unfortunately been denied from getting the position. Keep on building. - Frenchy13