About PlayUHC

PlayUHC is a UHC server which launched in the summer of 2016. Our goal is to bring the best possible experience to all our players and UHC games to the whole community!

We have a variety of UHC gamemodes that are definitely enjoyable for everyone, these consist of Speed UHC, God UHC, Flower Power, Gone Fishing, Dragon Rush, Scenario Madness, Meetup, Red vs Blue, Cut Clean, Vanilla, Survival Games, Wither Rush, and Randomizer UHC!

For those that don't want to play lengthy game modes, we also have an FFA Arena! UHC features still apply to the FFA Arena and regeneration can only happen with golden apples or golden heads.

We also have a creative build server where you can just build in creative in your own protected plot either alone or with your friends!

We also strongly support community feedback and you can voice your opinions in suggestions on the forums. If you come across any issues on our platforms, feel free to contact a staff member and they will help you out.

At PlayUHC we have many communication platforms where you can socialise with our members and staff members, we use Discord, Twitter and Forums.

The staff works extremely hard to give the community the best possible gameplay and protection while on PlayUHC. We are a very friendly and open-minded community and we hope you enjoy it here!