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IGN: Timanator
By Timanator » 9 months ago

Welcome to the Weekly PlayUHC Update. This post will come out every Sunday for all to read and to see what the staff is working on in the PlayUHC world.

If you have any suggestions on what we should talk about in the weekly update, please leave your suggestions in the forum.

Current Staff:
Admins: Timanator, Mezy, Jlot
Head Moderator: Sarinah
Moderators: RalRem, DOPID, Bolt_The_Man, StrongManKyle, Sol8D, Rholu, YJ5

Latest News: 

Due to the large increase in players on the server there will be an upgrade and that will be done within the next weeks. Stay tuned for more info.
We reached an amazing 306% of the donation goal for August. Thank you to all the donators, let's see if we can beat that record. The next Donator UHC will be September 9, 15:00 BST for all the Donators, Supporters, Patrons, VIP, YT, Twitch and staff.
We have reached 96% donation goal on day 2 of September, thank you very much for the support. To donate type /donate in the server chat.
New /tpr command that allows you to teleport to a random player while spectating.
We are looking for moderators in North America, if you are interested please apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/qdXJ4TCFgA0GLqbM2 
A new Teaming System in team games to help to create teams when multiple requests are in the hotbar. Also team names will be added. Info is here: http://www.playuhc.net/forum/view_topic/?tid=97 

Coming Soon:

FlowerPower Teams of 4
2 new gamemodes that are in the testing phase.
More Reddit UHCs.

Bugs fixed:

Loading error for GodUHC is fixed

A short message from the owner:

I thought I would explain what donations are for. I did not take over the server with the intention of making money from it. Therefore, all the money that is donated to the server goes directly back into the server through upgrades and future plans. 
Not one cent is kept for my own personal use.  The main reason why I took over the ownership of the server from Mezy was because I saw potential in the server and I didn't want the hours of work that Mezy did go to waste. I wanted the rest of the Minecraft community to see it.  The community is growing and we are here to grow with you all.  So if you do decide to donate, do not think that it is going into my pockets, it is going into the server and a better UHC experience for you all.  A little side note, when the 306% donation goal was reached in August, all of my losses from the first 4 months were recovered, hence this month the upgrade is happening, and we are excited.
Thank you and keep on helping build the community with us, because without you, there would be no community. 


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IGN: Samfay
By Samfay » 9 months ago

Great work this week guys. Honestly Tim, thank you for reviving the server when it shut down. I'm glad to also see PlayUHC is growing the 1.8 UHC community. smiley


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IGN: Cholloway01
By Cholloway01 » 9 months ago
Well done on 306%!! It's been awesome seeing the server grow over the last few months. you could maybe post an update on top killers in uhcs or ffa, and an update with the build team could be good :)