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IGN: ProfessorPig101
By ProfessorPig101 » 4 months ago
  • What is your IGN?
  • How long have you been building in Minecraft?
I played Minecraft for a solid 4 years straight, but ended up having to take a break due to school. In those 4 years I was constantly building- Creative was indefinitely my favorite gamemode to work with. Recently, I've retaken up my passion with the game and have jumped right back into building! I've been back on Minecraft for approximately 2 months, but still contain the same fire I did for building years ago.
  • What is your favourite build style?
Although I try to be versatile with my building style, I must admit I particularly enjoy working on the small intricacies of slabs and stairs. This means that I tend to work with woods, stone(bricks), and quartz often, as I love utilizing their slab and stair form. I try to go for realism and take pride in making a complicated yet visually pleasing designs, so if you're looking for someone to add those precise details, I'm your man/pig. As stated earlier though, I try to be as versatile as possible and am eager to learn new styles to better contribute to the server.
  • Why do you want to be a builder on PlayUHC?
There is no joy greater than sharing, and this remains true for Minecraft builds. Sure, they're great to create and look at, but having other people use the build and enjoy it is in a completely different ballpark. I want to share my talents with the community of PlayUHC. Additionally, I would love to be a Builder on PlayUHC because I thoroughly enjoy working with a team. I used to be a Moderator on a UHC server for approximately a year, and hence I am reasonable, a team player, and always ready to volunteer to get the job done. Working with a Build Team is an extremely unique experience that I hope to be a part of, so that I may learn from my fellow team members to improve not only myself, but the server as well.
  • Do you have any experience with WorldEdit and VoxelSniper?
I have a decent amount of experience with WorldEdit, as I have used it for approximately 2 years as a Builder. VoxelSniper on the other hand I do not have much experience with, but I am a fast and eager learner.
  • What have you built on PlayUHC's Creative server?
On the Creative server I have built a parkour course, as that is what the sign suggested at spawn. Originally, I made a giant chess set in the starting position in a day (which is to the left of the course). I figured it could potentially be an arena for duels if ladders were added to the pieces, as the idea of jumping from piece to piece for strategic positioning would be cool. I then moved the pieces around and added the parkour course to it, which is the main attraction. Quartz and Signs guide the players as they journey across the board to claim their opponent's King!

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my application!


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 15 days ago
Hey! Thank you for your interest in becoming a builder at PlayUHC. However, we have decided to deny your builder application at this moment in time!