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By OGDtox » 4 months ago
Your In-game name:OGDtox
Punishment type (ban, mute, etc):Prohibited Modifications (falsy banned or so i think i was just using Optifine 1.8.9)
Punishment ID (shown on your punishment reason, ingame only): 18822
Where (Server, Discord):Server
What did you do: I dont think i did anything i just played for about 2 mins FFA and 1 full UHC
Why should this action be reversed:Well.....i am not saying it should be reversed but ill be thankfull if you could reverse it or just tell me if optifine is not allowed....


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 4 months ago
Hello. Optifine is allowed. Your access to the network was disallowed because another Minecraft account was cheating with the same IP address as yours.

As you can find in PlayUHC's Rules page, we discourage the use of VPNs. If it's the case you were using a VPN, simply stop using it to play on PlayUHC.