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IGN: BrightLily2007
By BrightLily2007 » 7 months ago
No offence to the server, but I think that saying who got banned, why and how long for may cause people to shame others for breaking the rules. Likewise, I think that the ban appeals should be in a private folder so that no one else can access them unless it is their appeal. This too could cause public shaming because of people breaking the rules. Again, no offence to the server, but I think this is wrong. I feel that this suggestion should at least be considered as I think it is common sense for this to be implemented.

Creativity at its finest!!!


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IGN: Mr_smiley2
By Mr_smiley2 » 7 months ago
Agreed. This is a privacy issue on many standards.



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IGN: etthhan
By etthhan » 7 months ago
I think the message that is shown in chat when someone is banned is fine. if they don't want their name in chat shown for bad reason they should not break the rules its their own fault.


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 7 months ago
Thank you for your suggestion.

Breaking rules is something that should be discouraged. Receiving a public warning may discourage everyone else from breaking the rules.
Also, it makes it clear to those who report people that actions are being taken against those who break the rules.

I do not think that the message directly causes any harm. If people are being offensive/disrespectful, no matter the reason, they will be punished if a mod notices it. Be sure to use the /report command or post a message on our Discord server on the #support channel.