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IGN: BrightLily2007
By BrightLily2007 » 7 months ago
What is your IGN?

How long have you been building for in Minecraft?
Not counting Xbox/PlayStation Minecraft, I would say that I have been building on PC for about 2 years.

What is your favourite build style?
I usually like to build things like houses, but I can do other things too

Why do you want to be a builder on playuhc?
The main reason is that I would love to contribute to the incredibly small community of playuhc. I love the server and I think that I could help this community out. I am very passionate about projects and I think I could benefit the community.

Do you have any experience with worldedit or voxsniper?
I don't mess around too much with mods as I usually use vanilla Minecraft only. I am not familiar with voxsniper or worldedit but I have seen people use worldedit in their youtube videos eg. grian, so I know some things that the mod can do.

What have you built on the creative server?
As NettyPlays's 32nd birthday is coming up on Saturday the 7th of September, I built a nice party area for her birthday. I tried to make it look quite impressive so that it would show my building ability.

Thank you for reading this quite lengthy builders application, I appreciate it.



Creativity at its finest!!!


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 6 months ago
Hey! Thank you for your interest in becoming a builder at PlayUHC. However, we have decided to deny your builder application at this moment in time!

PS: Netty's birthday is the 7th of November ;)