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IGN: gg_10_heart
By gg_10_heart » 7 months ago
mmm k so I got muted probably from spamming helpop to save me cause no one was answering and Im not gonna waste a good game for your guys bugs that you still haven't fixed like I don't even know what I got muted for because if its from spamming helpop from YOUR guys server problem then im not gonna stop spamming till you fix it


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 7 months ago
You must respect the rules. Respect the people. And respect the server, no matter what bug you get caught into.

Continue breaking the rules, and you'll be punished severely until you learn some respect, or you stop playing on PlayUHC, either because you can't learn or because you'll get permanently banned.

Mute appeal denied.

PS: appeals must follow this guide, but don't bother appealing this mute again, I will deny it.