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IGN: Timanator
By Timanator » 9 months ago

Welcome to the Weekly PlayUHC Update. This post will come out every Sunday for all to read and to see what the staff is working on in the PlayUHC world.

If you have any suggestions on what we should talk about in the weekly update, please leave your suggestions in the forum.

Current Staff:
Admins: Timanator, Mezy, Jlot
Head Moderator: Sarinah
Moderators: RalRem, KyleEw, StrongManKyle, Kwegg, Rholu, YJ5

Latest News: 

We have changed over to a much more powerful dedicated server, which is double the RAM and also a faster processor. Some things are still being transferred over. Thank you to all the donators for making that happen.

We have an updated mod list and you can read all about which mods are allowed on the server here: http://playuhc.net/forum/view_topic/?tid=39#post-75

We are looking for moderators in North America, if you are interested please apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/qdXJ4TCFgA0GLqbM2 

A new Teaming System in team games to help to create teams when multiple requests are in the hotbar. Also team names will be added. Info is here: http://www.playuhc.net/forum/view_topic/?tid=97 

Shears work for all gamemodes.

We had our DonatorUHC on Sept. 9, and there was a good number that showed up. Thanks to NettyPlays for livestreaming the event and showing that it is possible to have a dragon rush with the end disabled.

The winner of the first round of the DonatorUHC was Rholu & iBlackkid. The second round with the end enabled was won by Ipr0pk3rs who successfully killed the ender dragon.

Coming Soon:

FlowerPower Teams of 4
Dragon Rush is in the final testing phase.
1 other new gamemode is being tested.
Reworking Meetup, changes will be worked into Red Vs. Blue after.
More Reddit UHCs.

For Youtubers and Twitch Streamers:

Our requirements are as follows:
For YT and Twitch you need to have a minimum of 1000 subs and have content relating to the server as well as a video or livestream on the server. We also recommend to first make a video or livestream and then tag us on Twitter with your IGN so that we can give the rank.
For YT and Twitch who have over 10,000 subs, the rank is given automatically.

* If you would like to have a special event where multiple Youtubers or Twitch Streamers are there to record, we could accommodate, but we need advanced notice of at least a week to make sure all details are figured out.
We already try our best to make it so that if there are livestreamers on the server that as many players can enter the games they are in. That is usually pre-arranged with the streamers with larger sub counts.


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IGN: Cholloway01
By Cholloway01 » 9 months ago

Thanks Tim!