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IGN: saheel
By saheel » 6 months ago
Well then... Nobody told me bout this. Am I too late to the party? Well I better get on with it!

Heya! My name is Saheel but most people know me as Sah as jts my nickname. I am a huge fan of PVP games and I honestly love this server! It had brang me to a lot of different people and helped me make many friends and this is an amazing community.

I usually sweat when I PVP but I'm pretty trash tbh and I'm not good at all. I love playing on FFA and duels. I've been on the server for quite a few months now and I'm pretty well known on here. 

The people on here are really kind and there is barely any toxicity on here! Its a place to share your feelings and your thoughts and everyone respects that on here! I don't think I've ever found a server that has the nicest people on here! heart

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IGN: AlfieIsDumb
By AlfieIsDumb » 6 months ago
Hey Sah!


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IGN: EasterNathan
By EasterNathan » about 1 month ago
We're glad you enjoy the server!