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IGN: PrivateLimitless
By PrivateLimitless » 25 days ago
Since the timer change from sixty(60) to forty-five(45) minutes, which is its own entirely own large problem for a later discussion, the amount of hearts you gain from BestPvE changed from gaining six hearts to four hearts. 

What i'm suggesting is a compromise by changing the BestPvE timer from gaining a heart after every nine minutes, instead of every ten. Therefore, players would have the ability to gain five hearts, and not four hearts. 

Thank you for reading,


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 24 days ago
For technical reasons, I cannot change this for the public Scenario Madness game only. Such change would affect Custom Games too.

This scenario is known in the UHC community to give 1 heart every 10 minutes:

Considering that Best PvE has been "broken" for over a year (I am not exactly sure why, but the previous administration/developer made it so players lost the extra hearts once you got damaged), and the new "fixed" version is currently available on the experimental mode only, I don't think this change is worth the extra heart.