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IGN: LunarWraith
By LunarWraith » 2 months ago
Hi, this is a suggestion for scenario madness to2+, losing a teammate before meetup is a bummer and can sometimes cost you the game. That’s why I’m suggesting a revival scenario where you can collect a certain item and bring it to some kind of machine (maybe located at 0.0) and have them be revived there. It might be hard or complicated to setup. But I think it’s a neat scenario to add

(inspired by apex legends)

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IGN: BrightLily2007
By BrightLily2007 » 2 months ago
I really like the idea because it would give the player a chance in team games.

Creativity is cool!!!


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IGN: PrivateLimitless
By PrivateLimitless » about 1 month ago
I'm not assuming the item(s) needed to use, or possibly craft, a "revival machine" would be difficult.
My suggestion: 16 books. This way no matter what the scenarios are, the task is difficult for everyone to achieve.


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » about 1 month ago
Something like this, still inspired by apex legends, is something I thought over a year ago and it is on the "planned" list. It's likely it'll be a scenario. There are quite some technical difficulties to solve first. With enough support from you guys, I can make everything.