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IGN: PrivateLimitless
By PrivateLimitless » about 1 month ago
To be clear, I don't want it to be a large amount of points. I think that it should be twenty points or less.

Here are some quick, easy-ish reasons why:
1) It increases sportsman like conduct on the server.
2) It isn't likely to be big enough amount of points to change anyone's grading, or leaderboard status.
3) It keeps the players polite and happy, maintaining the PG-ish behavior on the server.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to discuss this in the comments below.
- "Private" / "Jácobo" / "Him"


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IGN: BrightLily2007
By BrightLily2007 » about 1 month ago
I agree, because it gives people a motive to be polite on the server!

Creativity at its finest!!!


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IGN: quietlycrying
By quietlycrying » about 1 month ago
I agree, it makes the server seem more friendly when people say gg! +1