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IGN: Wilconia9_
By Wilconia9_ » 8 days ago
My suggestion is to make more use of the Villages, they are quite rare, and have a decent loot. I want to take it to the next level.
Scenario rules.
1- Each Player spawns with 20 Emeralds and a Unbrekable Iron axe and a unbrekable diamond Pickaxe. Killing a player gives you 20 emeralds.
2- Every 50 Blocks, a Village is generated, no matter the biome. (Except 0,0)
3- Each Village has a colour with wool in the Roof, indicating it's theme and trades:
Blue: Armor Items
Red: Combat Items
Pink: Enchantments
Green: Potions
White: Food
4- Every village has a smithing place (Aka, the house with the Chest, the chests only gives emeralds.).
5- ALL ores and apples dropped from leaves , are replaced by emeralds.
6- All Villagers only trade with emeralds. Each trade costs 5 emeralds.
7- Each Villager only offer one trade and each player can trade only once per villager.
8- Trades have Rarities (Common 60% Uncommon: 30% Rare: 8% and Very Rare: 2%)
Blue Village Trades:
-Leather armor (Common)
-Gold armor (Common)
-Chainmail armor (Uncommon)
-Iron armor (Rare)
-Diamond armor (Very Rare)

Pink Village Trades:
Enchanting items:
-Enchanting Book (Common)
-Anvil (Common)
-20 Exp Bottles (Rare)
-64 Exp Bottles (Very Rare)

-Enchanting Book (Common)
-Anvil (Common)
-20 Exp Bottles (Rare)
-64 Exp Bottles (Very Rare)

-Level 1 Book enchantments (Common)
-Level 2 Book Enchantments (Uncommon)
-Level 3 Book Enchantments (Rare)
-Level 4 Book Enchantments (Very Rare)
-No-Level Enchantments
-Aqua Affinity (Common)
-Silk Touch (Common)
-Infinity (Very Rare)
-Flame (Very Rare)

Green Village Trades:
-Normal potion Fire Resistance. (1:00) (Common).
-Normal potion of Speed I (0:40) (Common).
-Spash potion of weakness II. (1:00) (Uncommon).
-Spash potion of regeneration I (0:10) (Rare)
-Splash Potion of Poison III (0:08) (Very Rare)

Red Village Trades:
-Lava Bucket (Common)
-Water Bucket (Common)
- Wooden sword (Common)
- Golden Sword (Common)
- Stone Sword (Uncommon)
- 20 Arrows (Uncommon)
- Bow (Rare)
- Iron Sword (Rare)
- Diamond Sword (Very Rare)

White Village Trades:
-12 Carrots (Common)
-16 Cookies (Common)
-10 Cooked Steak (Uncommon)
-1 Normal Golden Apple (Uncommon)
-1 Golden Head (Very Rare)

9- There's a 10% chance of spawning a Zombie Village. (All villagers being replaced by Leather armored Zombies with stone Shovels).
10- All structures are replaced by Villages. (A village can spawn underground, replacing a Mineshaft or a dungeon.)
11- All Nether fortress are replaced by "Nether Villages", a normal Village, but the Crops are replaced by nether Wart, and villagers, by blazes.
12- Iron golems do not spawn in Villages.
13-  All villages chests have at least 10 and a maximum of 20 emeralds.
14- Hitting a Villager damages the player who hurt it by 2,5 hearts. And killing a villager damages 5 hearts. Villagers drops 10 emeralds on death.
Feel free to leave feedback! I think it's a very interesting and unique scenario!



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IGN: quietlycrying
By quietlycrying » 8 days ago
I think this would be a fun idea, but I feel this could be more of a gamemode then a scenario. But if this became a gamemode that would be so fun! Good suggestion! +1



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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 8 days ago
This can't be a scenario, but could be a special game mode. It requires quite some work, and the "a village every 50 blocks" is a bit too much, maybe every 100-200 blocks. Also the villages would need to be custom built by builders.

Such game mode require quite some effort to be made, still I'm adding it to my "things that could be made" list :)

Thanks for your suggestion!