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IGN: EchomenMC
By EchomenMC » 7 days ago
Minecraft IGN: EchomenMC
Punishment: Mute
Punnishment id : i didn't get that sorry. I was too tired that night
I got muted for 7 days. I've been playing on this server for a long time and know the rules with inappropriate use of language. However i got muted a few days ago( I think because i said screwed?) im still not sure why i got muted but i was not targetting anyone with what i was saying. i was pvping in the ffa game for like 30 mins and said nothing in chat and got muted. If i had said i was screwed if was because I played creative rush before ffa and didn't get the essential items so i said in the chat " i am so screwed" then after a while i got muted like 30 mins later. I wasn't targetting anyone as that was clearly directed to myself. If it wasnt the word screwed could i know what word i said that got me muted so i can avoid that. Thanks


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 7 days ago
I checked chat logs and you clearly said something inappropriate that lead to your mute. This is not your first offence: you have been warned and muted several times for being inappropriate and disrespectful.

I invite you to read the rules more carefully, and to avoid toxic behaviour in chat.

Mute appeal denied.