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By JessTS » 6 days ago
Hello o/

It's Jess back with an off topic post. Like my underrated movies of 2019, this list has legit nothing to do with PlayUHC or Minecraft at all, but this is indeed the off topic section, and if a list like this simply doesn't interest you, you're more than welcome to move right along past it :)

Anyway I consider myself a music critic, I listen to as many albums as I can in order to review them and have opinions on them, and 2019 was flowing with music that sparked my ear. There were plenty of great albums that couldn't crack my top 5 so if you don't see your favorite here, make sure to leave a comment telling me and I'll get back to you with my thoughts on the record. One last disclaimer, as I can tend to look at albums in an objective manner, this list is in no way factual and is only my personal and humble opinion. With that set, let's get into the top 5.

5. Flume - Hi This Is Flume (Mixtape)
Australian EDM producer and DJ, Flume, clocks in on my list at number 5. You might know him from his massive hit single from 2016, Never Be Like You ft. Kai. The album that song is from is actually my favorite EDM album ever released, and while this mixtape isn't quite as good as 2016's Skin, it's undeniably creative genius. There's a wide range of genres to be found on this mixtape, including House, Future Bass, Low-Fi, and Hip Hop, all with an experimental twist to put it in it's own lane. Some of my favorite tracks include How To Build A Relationship ft. JPEGMAFIA, Jewel, and Ecdysis. The mixtape can feel a little bit drawn out as it comes in at 17 songs long, but if you're like me there's a few songs here to expand the euphoria in your mind with bending electronic harmony.

4. Sum 41 - Order in Decline
For the pop punk outfit's 7th studio album, Sum 41 brought a fiery, pissed off, sugar rush of a political record. This is definitely a punk record, but the pissed off energy can create traces of thrash metal. The layered guitars slam so damn hard on this album and have me headbanging into headache oblivion. This far into the band's career, a lot of people expected Sum 41 to start heading down the road of mediocrity, yet they released what is arguably their most ambitious and overall best album in their entire catalogue. Highlights are the flaming anthem, The People Vs..., the heartbreaking piano ballad, Never There, and the metal tinged rockers, The New Sensation and Out For Blood. If you're looking for some guitar slinging pop punk fire, look no further than Order in Decline.

3. blink-182 - NINE
blink-182's 8th (not 9th) studio album, NINE, comes in third place. Despite it being their 8th studio album, the album does live up to it's name in a sense that it's a strong 9/10 on a rating scale. After the 2016 misfire that was California and some interesting promotion choices for this album, I wasn't exactly excited for this one, but once it dropped I was swept clean off of my feet with just how damn good this album is. Even later into their career than Sum 41, blink-182 are leagues away from calling it quits, cause with this album they built off of their 2011 album, Neighborhoods, in such a way that feels like they're themselves, but staying still mixing things up and staying fresh. After the loss of guitarist and co-lead vocalist, Tom DeLonge, Matt Skiba didn't fill in the shoes well at all on 2016's California, however here on NINE he definitely found his place in the band. Travis Barker is an absolute machine on the drums and Mark is writing hooks as catchy as he ever has. My favorite song's on the album are No Heart To Speak Of, The First Time, Generational Divide, Pin The Grenade, Ransom, and On Some Emo Shit. It's fresh and classic at the same time.

2. Coldplay - Everyday Life
I am unashamedly a massive Coldplay fan, I have been for years, and after listening to this absolutely mesmerizing gem of experimentation and serenity, it is hands down their greatest album to ever be released. Over the course of 16 songs Coldplay dabbled their feet in so many different genres but it all feels beautifully and wonderfully connected. Christ Martin sounds better than he ever has, and while these songs aren't necessarily going to be smash hits like massive songs off of their other album's, they aren't meant to be chart toppers. Everything is so raw and somber, but so damn intriguing. My favorite songs on the album would have to be Guns, Champion of the World, Cry Cry Cry, and Old Friends. It isn't easy to get into thanks to it's extremely experimental sound, however if you want something complex from a band that is damn good at mixing things up, check this album out.

1. Waterparks - FANDOM
Waterparks are my favorite band of all time, I've seen them live 3 times, met them once, and have been loving them for nearly 4 years. After Awsten Knight deleted the original files for their 3rd album "Friendly Reminder" I was nervous as for what was to come in it's place. Luckily the lead single Watch What Happens Next dropped and I had nothing to worry about. Perhaps the greatest thing about FANDOM is it's absolutely phenomenal production work from Zack Cervinii, Awsten himself, and even Skrillex. Yes this is a 'pop punk' album, and yes, Skrillex had a hand in production. While Waterparks at their roots are a pop punk band, this album expands that territory to pop and EDM but not in a way that was driven by mainstream success, rather than feeling contained in a box by the toxicity of their fandom and wanting to move outside of what they have been used to creating. The retro EDM vibe on some of these rock songs feels like that of nostalgia of going to an arcade or something. Some of the catchiest hooks I've ever heard lie here on FANDOM, some of the most gripping lyrics, wonderfully enticing instrumentals, and out of this world vocal performances by Awsten Knight make this album truly special. My favorite moments here are Telephone, Worst, Watch What Happens Next, Zone Out, and High Definition. While it isn't their best album, Waterparks have the bar set extremely high, so this record does more than fine in terms of falling into their near perfect discography.

Make sure to let me know what you think of my list as well as leaving some of your favorite music from 2019. Thanks for reading, have a great day!