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IGN: HellfireHusky
By HellfireHusky » 5 days ago
Your In-game name: HellfireHusky
Punishment type: Ban
Punishment ID: 26929
Where: Server
What did you do: I abused a glitch which took money from other players.
Why should this action be reversed: I didn't know it was glitch at first I thought it wasn't doing anything but a little while later when I found out it was taking money from other players I gave all the money I took back to the player in which I took it from. I have no excuse for not reporting the glitch when I found out about it, I was just being dumb. I apologize for abusing the glitch and when I get unbanned or if I get appealed I will make sure to report any glitches that I encounter.

Hope you all are well,


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 5 days ago
Glitches like that one should be reported to staff members by using /helpop.

Although you have used the glitch, probably after some other player let you know about it, I noticed you have run the command to give money back to the players, and it was just small amounts.

I hope that next time you will find such glitch, you will just report it to staff members. Thank you.

Ban appeal accepted.