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By GETSOU » 5 days ago
User : GETSOU 
Punishment type: Ban
Punishment ID: 26940
Where: PlayPixelmon 
Action that resulted in a ban: Abusing a fresh glitch 
Why this action should be reversed: During said events, there seemed to be an ongoing joke on the server, of another user giving out money. The action taken by said user appeared to be in good faith, as it was rather generous. After I received a rather generous donation of I believe about $100 000 (of in game currency) twice, some of the money was quickly taken away, and I found it to be a bit comical, which started a cycle of three users trying to give back the money that was taken, but sending either more or less. There was no real harm done in terms of any gain or loss to our own accounts, as it was all in good fun. While it is understandable why this course of action was taken, please understand there was no malice in our actions, and in truth, a great deal of it was attempting to return all funds (of in game currency) back to their rightful owners. In any cases of there being more or less, it was given as a gift during a Discord chat. All in all, have a pleasant day, and if not sooner, see you in 60 days ! 


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 4 days ago
Things that showed malicious intent:
1. Using it on several players
2. Not reporting it to staff
3. Using quite high amount
4. Not giving the exact money back, even just after a while
5. Spreading the word about the exploit with your friends

Ban appeal denied