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IGN: EpicArmadillos
By EpicArmadillos » 3 months ago
Ban ID: 28877 
Reason: Prohibited Modification

Hey, so I really love to play on this server, but hate the fact that there are blatant cheaters, especially in the FFA arena with autoclick. I have been trying to get my hours to 24 so i can apply, and when I was playing, I got banned. I did not hack in any sort, and don't even know how to. I just jitterclick, and it may look like autoclick because i don't stop even when I die. I just really love the server, and if I was already at 14 hours, why would I risk getting banned? I have been mod on 2 different servers, and helped with cheaters and appeals. I would never cheat and I really don't know why I got banned. I hope you look my situation into consideration. I love the server enough though to wait out the ban and still apply for mod. Thank you!