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IGN: loveliveserve
By loveliveserve » 13 days ago
IGN: CeeDeeLamb
Punishment Type: Permanent Mute
Punishment ID: 7123
Where: server
What did you do: typed in chat “that warning is unjust cuz it was the truth lol” when an individual (not me) got a warning for drawing attention by hackusating a blatant bhopper 
Why this action should be reversed: I was merely stating an opinion, not directly bothering or coercing staff members to remove the warning. Last time I checked, stating an opinion on most servers, especially those that uphold professionalism and don’t care about a statement of an opinion unless it directly hurts a person or group of persons, is not a mutable offense. Due to the strict interpretation of rules by staff that I have encountered in the past, I understand receiving a mute and am usually not bothered, but I just cannot fathom receiving a permanent mute for something so harmless. I request you shorten the time period of the mute, because I know that it will not be completely removed due to your rules.


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 13 days ago
You have a long list of punishments... 14 punishments to be exact. You should take some time to actually read the rules:

"19.  Do not argue punishments. This also includes arguing the type or length of the punishment."

"Failing to follow the rules will result in a punishment. The punishments for breaking the rules are at discretion of the staff team, although the staff is following the guidelines. Breaking severe rules or breaking the rules several times will lead to harsher punishments. This means you may get banned immediately for breaking any of the rules without any warning. You can be punished for breaking the rules anytime, even after several hours/days from the time you broke the rules. The rules can change anytime without any notice. Do not complain about punishments being too harsh: you broke the rules, it is not our fault."

You do not make requests here, and you do not decide the rules.

Mute appeal denied