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IGN: jeffles
By jeffles » 10 days ago

In game name: jeffles
Punishment type: ban
Punishment ID: 29888
Where: server (
What did I do: Play legitimately. If it matters, I got a spike in ping and red message in chat about half a second before my ban. This is probably not the reason and it might've been my account getting banned that disconnected me resulting in that message? Dunno.
Why should this action be reversed: I was playing completely legitimately. The player I was fighting I was beating them repeatedly without too much trouble (in the FFA Arena). I am going to assume they hacksuated and reported me. I am not sure which exact player reported me or the staff member that banned me, but I am 100% willing to stream myself fighting this player, or other players to prove I am not cheating- or prove myself in any other way. No offense, but the last two players I were fighting were not playing well at all (as in hiding behind a block and spamming their fishing rod point blank for the most part).

I'm aware that it says in the guidelines not to call my ban false, but please consider. My discord name/tag is jeffles#3797 if you need to get contact. 


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 8 days ago
Ban appeal accepted