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IGN: ixHazexi
By ixHazexi » 18 days ago
Red Rover is basically a gamemode along the lines of Red VS Blue, people join a game and are basically split into 2 teams.
Each team is assigned a captain and they decide who on their team is going to face their opponent in a 1v1 duel

For a more in-depth viewing/information this link should provide that

Since Red vs Blue is already popular on this server, I feel this gamemode would also take off, especially for streamers who want to do viewer games on the server.


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IGN: LunarWraith
By LunarWraith » 18 days ago
I havent done red rovers in nearly 4 years.
would be nice to have it added.

Good luck, have fun, don't die :)



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IGN: Echomen
By Echomen » 18 days ago
This would be a great addition. I've always wanted this gamemode to be added to PlayUHC and i know many others who wanted this too. Would be stoked if this is added.


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IGN: AbstqctHue
By AbstqctHue » 18 days ago
Nice idea :)

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IGN: Joaquin1977
By Joaquin1977 » 18 days ago
I like the idea, how many players would be needed to start a red-rover game tho?


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IGN: Zak_17
By Zak_17 » 18 days ago
Yesss! Great idea, used to love playing red rover. Would be a really fun gamemode to have on PlayUHC!


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 17 days ago
The game mode description in the original post and what I see in the video do not match:
1. The original post description says that singular players join a game (so, a queue, like you do for Red vs Blue on PlayUHC), and you get automatically assigned into two teams, and a random captain is chosen that decides who's gonna go on each "duel".
2. The video shows that each captain makes a party and invite their own team mates. Then one captain invites the other party's captain to a Red Rover match. The captain of each team decide only the first player that will be in battle. The winner of each duel choose their next opponent.

In terms of coding, these two are very different. The first one is more like a normal game mode and there is the risk that the randomly chosen captain does not pick anyone or makes all the bad decisions, while the second one require some additional set up (the captains making 2 separate parties, inviting their team mates, and then one captain challenges the other captain in a Red Rover match) but each captain knows who their team mates will be. I'm not sure which one you are suggesting to have.


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IGN: Dy74n
By Dy74n » 17 days ago
I like the idea! It sounds like a lot of fun to play and to get people together on the server!

good luck, have fun ;)


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IGN: xDial
By xDial » 17 days ago
Love the idea, seems simple but good. I would enjoy playing this with my friends.


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IGN: Zak_17
By Zak_17 » 15 days ago
I personally think that Red Rover would work best with party duels because then there would be no issues with captains making bad decisions or any confusion. All you would need is two parties to invite each other to a match. 

How many people would be needed to start a game?