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IGN: Jam_Meneer
By Jam_Meneer » 13 days ago
Your In-game name: Jam_Meneer
Punishment type (ban, mute, etc): 60 days ban
Punishment ID (shown on your punishment reason, ingame only): 30947 Prohibited Modification
Where (Server, Discord): PlayPixelmon/PlayPixelmon
What did you do: While i was searching for deserts, i got banned. 
Afterwards i searched through my other pc's minecraft folder,and found a old Xray cheat, 
this is probably the reason i got banned.

Why should this action be reversed:
A long time ago(around 1 year based on the file)i used Xray on my Singleplayer Survival world when playing with my 7 year old brother, just to troll him.
When i swtiched from my usual pc to the other one i forgot i still had this cheat on the other pc.
I totally forgot i had it, because i did not play on the other pc for a long time.
When i saw the file, i noticed that it was for version 1.14.2 which is strange, because i was playing Pixelmon on 1.12.2, so even if i had it, it shouldn't work.
I have  not used Xray since that Singleplayer Survival world(which was a long time ago)

I am really sorry that i forgot it, and that i'm this stupid. It won't happen again.
If i need to show more proof, i am extremely willing to show it.

I hope you guys forgive me,



To prevent this from happening again, i have created a shortcut on 
both my pc's desktop to the mods folder so i can check what i am using + i deleted the xray file.

screenshot of the file: https://ibb.co/L5ks254


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 12 days ago
Cheating is not tolerated.

Please don't do it again, or you'll get a much harsher punishment.

Your ban has been reduced to 7 days.