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IGN: Maazey
By Maazey » 12 days ago
Your In-game name: Mazey_xD

Punishment type (ban, mute, etc): Ban

Punishment ID (shown on your punishment reason, ingame only): 31010

Where (Server, Discord): In game.

What did you do: Targeted a specific player in PVP arena. Had i known he was not okay with
it I would not have done so. I thought the fight was pretty mutual and I was not the only one targeting
him. I also thought the arena was a pretty free-for-all environment. I wouldn't have pursued him further
had I been given a warning. 

Why should this action be reversed: I wont target any specific play in the arena again.


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 11 days ago
Ban appeal denied