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IGN: cronnorrr
By cronnorrr » 10 days ago
Your In-game name: cronnorrr
Punishment type (ban, mute, etc): ban 
Punishment ID (shown on your punishment reason, ingame only): 24597
Where (Server, Discord): Server
What did you do: I used prohibited modifications on the server.
Why should this action be reversed: It has been over 100 days now, and I believe I have served my time. PlayUHC has an amazing community
                                    and I would like to get back into it. I was originally testing out different hacks and I now know that
                                    that is really bad, I was reckless and didn't realise what I was going to get into. So, I believe I served
                                    my time, and should be unbanned. I'm sorry PlayUHC. 


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 10 days ago
Cheating is not tolerated. Please do not do it again, you'll get caught.

Be sure to read our rules:

Ban appeal accepted