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IGN: IAmLuis
By IAmLuis » about 1 month ago
IGN: IAmLuis
Punishment Type: 60 Day Ban
Punishment ID: 31314
Where: Server (Meetup Solo Lobby)
What did you do: It might be hard to believe, but, nothing. I'm aware the guidelines for an appeal state you can not claim your ban was false, but if I'm not supposed to claim it's false, I'm supposed to lie and say I was fairly banned, which is the very first thing on the list of things "not to do". I've read the rules and followed them the best I could. I have no idea where the ban came from, if it was from an anticheat or a staff member, but I was banned for prohibited modification. I use badlion 1.8.9, as do many other players on playuhc, and specifically disabled any and all mods that could cause issues with the rules, and if simply using BLC is enough to cause a 60 day tempban, the rules don't make it clear enough.
Why should this action be reversed: I've only been consistently playing on playuhc for a handful of days now, but I absolutely love it. To the point where I've scheduled a Gone Fishing teams of 2 event on a 60+ member event server I own. I was playing with a friend, practicing playing gone fishing and meetups for the event, and the ban was incredibly sudden and surprising to me. It hurts a little bit because I remember giving staff a lot of praise for being so quick and responsive, it's something I haven't seen nearly as much in other servers.

Look, I know staff guidelines are to deny any appeals claiming the ban is false, but there's not much else I can do here. I've befriended and played with several mods on the server who could tell you they've never noticed me being sketchy on any of the gamemodes. I apologize if the appeal comes off as aggressive or too bold, but I want to believe playuhc has staff members who can recognize that not all bans are 100% fact. If you want to put me under a magnifying glass from now on, I don't mind, but please consider unbanning me.


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » about 1 month ago
Ban appeal accepted