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IGN: _skripe
By _skripe » about 1 month ago
So i wanted to participat for the Titan Rank with the Votes. But apparently on the server ( now after some hours allready ) it only shows that i voted 6 times. I would be in the top 3 because only 2 people voted 7 times at the moment i was voiting. I linked the fotos that i voted on all sites and the photo of the server list after some time.https://ibb.co/8MGKdrWhttps://ibb.co/4RZ1vjLhttps://ibb.co/VYYnY2Thttps://ibb.co/Xsr6Dzvhttps://ibb.co/2vzSpYnhttps://ibb.co/3MngnPb,https://ibb.co/FW8Crdwhttps://ibb.co/ydwc1jb

Would Love to get my 7th Vote :(


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » about 1 month ago
Unfortunately, this is an issue with TrackyServer not confirming your vote with the PlayUHC server. We cannot do much about it if not just complain this issue with that website, or just removing it. I think it rarely works.

At the same time, you can vote multiple times a day with some of the vote sites, or get 2 points by doing something on their website (like logging in with an account). This is how some people have more vote points on the leaderboard.

Also, you don't have to come Top 3 in the leaderboard to win the Titan rank: you can get it by just simply voting every day, as you get more chances to win the competition!