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IGN: PoofessorP
By PoofessorP » 20 days ago
Your In-game name: PoofessorP Punishment type (ban, mute, etc): MutePunishment ID (shown on your punishment reason, ingame only): 7832Where (Server, Discord): ServerWhat did you do: I said "Dumby head went afk"Why should this action be reversed: Alright so I wanna preface this with saying I know the rules and have read them before. I have always conducted myself properly in chat and been respectful to everyone regardless what they think of me or what I think of them. The story goes: I was playing a speed uhc to2 with my friend, and in the pre game lobby he decides to go afk. And he comes back after the game has already started. To which someone asks in chat "Did you guys not team lock?" and so I say "Nop dumby head went afk" we often have playful banter in discord voice chat, and we always, always. Keep it out of game chat since we know how friendly this community strives to be. So I let something slip this one time and I'm sorry, never would I say something similar of that to a person I don't know or just someone in general that I don't know well enough to have playful banter with each other. Even then I would still tread carefully with that, as I do with my friends. I plan on monitoring myself and what I say in chat even closer now. Thanks for letting me appeal 

Edit: Here's a message of him backing up what I said so you know it's not just some player I called "Dumby head" and rather my good friend. https://gyazo.com/bcb531e01da8037077867667fa409d34


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 19 days ago
Please avoid saying anything disrespectful in chat, no matter if they're your friends. Other players may think it's fine to be disrespectful in chat, and we do not want that. Use direct messages if you want to say something like that to your friends.

Your mute was reduced to 1 day.