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IGN: SneakyDinosaur
By SneakyDinosaur » 16 days ago
IGN: SneakyDinosaur
Punishment type: Ban
Punishment id: 31951
Where: Server
What did I do?: I was playing on one of the pvp servers (i think it was a kitpvp) and i was fighting someone. Someone else ran behind me so i spun round and started attacking him and around 30 seconds later, i was banned for "prohibited modification". I am unaware of any modifications other than optifine and if that is against the rules, i apologise.
Why should this action be reversed?: I found the server and from the 10 mins i played on it, i really enjoyed it. I really hope i can continue to play on the server.


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 15 days ago
Ban appeal denied. Your ban has been increased to 90 days.