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By PlayUHC » over 2 years ago

These are the PlayUHC rules!

Failure to follow them will result in a ban or mute.

1. We do not want to see any swearing, spamming or racism in chat.

2. No Advertising or Filter Bypassing: we have filters for a reason.

3. Mods or clients that give a significant advantage such as "X-Ray", "Cave Finder" or any x-ray texturepacks are not allowed and will result in a ban. Use the in game command /mods for the full list of accepted mods.

4. Teaming/Crossteaming in solo games is not allowed.

5. Abusing glitches such as F3+a  or F5 under lava will give you an unfair advantage, therefore it's bannable.

6. Going above tree height and staying there is considered as Skybasing which is not allowed. You will be asked to come down and if you don't comply, we will simply TP you to the surface. You are allowed to pillar up to look around but nothing else than that.

7. Portal Camping is allowed but Portal Trapping is not and will result in a ban.

8. Combat Logging - disconnecting while PvPing, is not allowed.

9. Spoiling, such as giving away another person's location will result in a ban, whether you're spectating or not.

10. Stalking and stealing before PvP is allowed, as long as it's not excessive, meaning you can sneak up on people but you can't chase them.

11. iPvP, killing/damaging a player during the grace period is not allowed.

12. Mining during deathmatch is not allowed.

13. No offensive names, capes & skins. Examples as Hitler skins, terrorist skins, suicide bomber skins, KKK skins, naked skins that show inappropriate parts, etc.

14. Be respectful to all players.

15. Do not use alternate accounts to your advantage in PvP. This could be by example, Getting on the server with 2 different accounts to boost your k/d in the FFA Arena, Boosting your stats in a UHC game with friends, etc.

16. Do not false/fake report, this is punishable.

17. Team killing is not allowed.

18. Do not abuse the /nick command. This means that you can't use inappropriate names, impersonate someone else,  etc. 

19. No death threats/wishes, suicide encouragment, this will result in an instant ban.

20. Camping, hiding in meetups is not allowed. You will be TP'ed away.

Use /rules on the server to review the rules above at any time.