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IGN: lLUcer
By lLUcer » about 1 year ago
In the pvp arena, there are two bugs that I have noticed; a bug where any player at y72 can literally not be hit, but the player above y72 can still hit players below y72,
​and a bug that is probably easier to fix as barriers would do the trick, is that you can literally ender pearl to the top of the glass wall and walk around on it. These aren't exactly bugs that would affect the arena too much as barely any of the map is at a high enough y level but it both bugs should get patched as some people could troll by bow spamming from the top of the arena walls.
​Thank you for reading this bug report and have a nice day.


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IGN: TeaSpiller
By TeaSpiller » about 1 year ago
Thank you for reporting the bug/glitch we’ll see the best solution to fix and try and roll it out as soon as we can!
Have a great day/night!
-Happy Holidays-