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IGN: lol1th
By lol1th » about 1 year ago
I was in a speed game and i was building across lava then my block that i placed just randomly disappeared when i was on it causing me to fall in lava and eventually die. I was with PelycosaurGaming so ask him for anymore information of the lava glitch. And right after that i joined ffa arena and i enderpearled because i was about to die then i enderpearled and then i randomly got stuck in a block and I ended up suffocating.     So i am asking to fix these bugs these have been happening to me quite often and it was really bad. Thanks for reading! <3


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IGN: Tigian
By Tigian » about 1 year ago
The one to do with you falling in lava sounds like a lag issue on your side, the server didn't detect you placing a block due to lag and that caused you to fall into the lava

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