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By Timanator » about 1 year ago
Welcome to the Weekly PlayUHC Update. This post will come out every Sunday for all to read and to see what the staff is working on in the PlayUHC world.

If you have any suggestions on what we should talk about in the weekly update, please leave your suggestions in the forum.

Current Staff:
Admins: Timanator, Mezy, Sarinah
Senior Moderators: Tigian
Moderators: Styrex, Jlot, Kwegg, Rholu, YJ5, zBee, JWhel
Builders: fiixy, DuggieInz, MitchElf, Frenchy13, Avux
Reddit UHC Hosts: Mezy, Sarinah, Tigian, YJ5, zBee

Latest News:

We changed the rank colours for donators to make way for the new rank.  Supporter = Aqua, Patron = Dark Aqua, Keeper = Blue.  More information about the new rank is coming soon. 

Added /hotbar to FFA so that you can customize how you want your hotbar to be when you respawn to save time.

We have reached a Milestone of 50,000 individual players on the server!!! Thank you for being a part of the amazing PlayUHC community.

We have been getting a lot of questions about our punishments. Here is the link to show what the punishments are: http://playuhc.net/forum/view_topic/?tid=193

Scoreboard changed in Red vs Blue to show the amount of players on each team.

We are doing another 1 month donator rank giveaway!!!! To enter follow the instructions in the link, GOOD LUCK!!!! http://www.playuhc.net/forum/view_topic/?tid=354

We have a new Hub after Christmas, still keeping the winter atmosphere.

Updated all games to new team system where team colors are assigned to teams

Added chosen scenarios to scoreboard in Scenario Madness

Added stats for Scenario Madness

Updated report system so that if a player is not taken care of in 5 minutes, you get a message asking to report on the forums

NoClean added to Meetup and Red vs Blue.

You can only join party duels queue once. Also added, /queue leave and /queue rank

By voting everyday by using /vote you have a chance to get 1 month donator rank. If you accumulate the most amount of votes then you win, it is that simple. Our winner last month was Graftz! Type /votes to see how many votes you have earned. Winner will be announced soon.

Added /teams command to all team games so you can see the list of teams.

Coming Soon:

New rank: Keeper (More info to come, no release date as of yet)

Bug Fixes:

Bug fixed where people in gamemode 3 would get added to the Best PVE List in Scenario Madness
Fixed exploit to see online staff members in your friends list
Fixed bug where players couldn't vote for Scenarios in Scenario Madness
"You logged on from another location" bug fixed
Fixed bug where players could not take damage on high trees in FFA Arena
Flower Power Teams of 4 is now cut clean

New Years address:

As we start off 2018, I would like to thank all of the players and the growing community around PlayUHC for your support.  2018 will be bringing many new things, and I hope that you are all going to tag along for the ride.  We are going to try and make 2018 even more exciting than 2017.  Stay tuned for more giveaways, ranks, gamemodes and additions.  We can't wait to reveal what we have in store for you.