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IGN: PelycosaurGaming
By PelycosaurGaming » 3 months ago
These are just common gamemodes that work pretty well.
Compensation: Works with to3/to4. When a player dies, their maximum health is spread across their remaining teamates. Therefore a solo player in to3 would have 30 hearts max. Arrows also are crafted into 16 instead of 4 (compensation arrows), and as your max. health increases, gapples heal more. (heads would need to be off)
Infinite Enchanter: You start with 10000 levels :)
Go to Hell: After a certain period of time (eg. 45 minutes) all players have to be in the nether. If not, they will take 1 heart every 30 seconds.
Absorptionless: No Absorption. Makes bows a preferable form of attack and prevents excessive chugging.
Blood Cycle: Every 5 minutes (starting 10 minutes in maybe?) an ore will be selected. When mining this ore you will take 1/2 a heart
Enchantless: Enchanting tables are uncraftable. Enchanted books however, can be obtained.
Vengeful Spirits: Upon death, a ghast spawns which you need to kill to get the head.

These are just suggestions. If you search these up on reddit you can probably find them easily :)


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IGN: xDiversity_
By xDiversity_ » 3 months ago
Honestly to4 would be kinda cool


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IGN: Tigian
By Tigian » 3 months ago
These are some great ideas, I will bring this up to the other reddit hosts and see if we can get some of these added. :) 

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IGN: TeaSpiller
By TeaSpiller » 3 months ago
I personally love Infinite Enchanter
The other ones do sound like a very cool idea to be added :D
Thank you for suggesting!
Have a great day!