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By Kwegg » 10 months ago
When reporting someone, it is prefered that you follow this format.
- Reports with insufficient evidence will be rejected.
- Please report as soon as possible, out of date reports will be rejected.
- If your video is long, please shorten it or include time stamps; It's more efficient for us.
- The minimum frame rate required is 30fps.(video frame rate, not your frame rate in game.) anything below that, will be rejected as in some cases it's hard to tell if a player is hacking.
- The video/picture quality must be to a good standard.
-  If you are reporting someone for breaking a chat rule, please include the whole chat. (Not just a line from chat, the whole chat box.) The reason why is because if someone says "die" it is too vague. They could mean for you to die in game.
- If you include video evidence, please make sure the video isnt private.(you may put the video as unlisted if you don't want everyone to see.) If we can't view the video, your report will be rejected and you will need to resubmit your report.
- Once your report has been dealt with, please keep the evidence uploaded. If the player(s) appeal and we have no evidence for them, we will have to unban them due to no evidence.
- In the title you must include: The players ign(s) followed by the rule broken. eg, Teaming, hacking, chat report, sky basing etc.
- If you fill in a report and it turns out not to be an actual report aka if you just make a report only to troll, you will be punished.
- If in your video you happen to be using a prohibited modification such as damage indicators you will be banned but if your report is a legitimate report (not faked) your ban will be shortened to 2 weeks since you did a good deed.

Please don't include this.


(When did it take place?)

(What rule was broken.)

(Screenshots and/or video, don't use chat logs as evidence.)

More evidence (if applicable): 


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