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PlayUHC Allowed Mod List
These are the only mods that we allow on PlayUHC. There are some exceptions, so read carefully.
Please contact us if you think a mod should be added to the list.
Use /mods to view this list at any time.
HUD Modifications
- Armor Status HUD
Displays your current armor and its durability.
- Direction HUD
Displays the direction you're currently looking at.
- Status Effect HUD
Displays your current status effects without your inventory being open.
- CPS Mod
Displays your clicks per second.
- Batty's coordinates
Displays your current coordinates.
- Simple coordinates
Displays your current coordinates.
- Toggle Sprint *
Toggles your sprint so you don't have to hold the sprint key all the time.
- Keymod
Displays your keys, CPS and mouse motion.
- Keystrokesmod
Displays your keys and CPS.
- Waypoints *
Allows you to create waypoints so you don't have to remember the coordinates.
All-In-One Mods
- Labymod *
Labymod gives you tons of features that are very useful and allows you to customize the game how you want it to be. 
- 5Zig 
Minecraft all-in-one mod that gives you a lot of options to customize your game how you want it to be.
- Vanilla Enhancements
Forge Mod that allows you to enhance a lot of settings in Minecraft.
FPS Mods
- BetterFPS 
Increases your FPS.
- Optifine
Client mod which has the main goal of improving your FPS.
Animation Mods
- 1.7 Animations
With this mod, you can easily switch between 1.7 and 1.8 animations.
- Old Amimations Mod *
With this mod, you can easily switch between 1.7 and 1.8 animations. 
- Cape Mods
Gives your minecraft character a cape and displays the capes of players that are using the mod.
- Shaders
Mod which changes the visual appearance of the game.
- Replay Mod
You can use this mod to record and replay your gameplay ingame and you can change perspectives during the playback.
Brightness Mods
- Gamma
Turns up your brightness.
- Lightmaps
Resource pack to put over your game to make it lighter.
- Fullbright
Turns up your brightness.
Mods that are NOT allowed on the server
- Any type of mini map
- Toggle sneak
- Damage indicators
NOTE: Mods like Old Animations Mod, Labymod, Toggle Sprint etc. have features that are not allowed as stated above.
Please turn off those settings and you're good to go.
And of course we don't allow any hack clients or mods that give a significant advantage.
If you're not sure whether the mod you are using is allowed because it's not on this list,
Please ask a staff member, we can add the mod to the list or we will ask you to remove the mod while playing on PlayUHC.


Thank you for reading!