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By Kwegg » about 1 year ago
Hello everyone! It's been a while.  The reason why it's been so long, is because as you all know the forums were down for 2 weeks or so, Which set us back from posting these updates. From this point onwards, these updates will no longer be weekly; instead updates will now be released every month. 

Current Staff:
Admins: Mezy, Sarinah
Senior Moderators: Kwegg, JWhel, Woodyyyyy
Moderators: Styrex, Rholu, Kasix, TeaSpiller, zBee
Builders: Frenchy13, Bluehail101, Cook1ng, DuggieInz, fiixy
Reddit UHC Hosts: Mezy, Sarinah, Rholu, Kwegg, Woodyyyyy, JWhel, Kasix, TeaSpiller, zBee

Latest News:

The forums are back, yay!!!

Tim, also known as Timanator who was formerly an Admin on PlayUHC is no longer Admin. He simply resigned to focus on his irl life.

New easter themed hub

Kills now display in win messages

If you are respawned in a game by a staff member, you will keep your inventory

Coloured names now appear in death messages

GoneFishing was released

Multiple games of one gamemode running at the same time

Coins have been removed

Arrow rates have been increased in FlowerPower

Added /spectate command (/spectate )

Added trash bin to GoneFishing

PlayUHC Hosted UHCs is a thing - essentially this is just like reddit uhcs but it allows us to host whenever we want and go by our own rules. That being said, the reddit uhc rules listed in #readme still apply. Again, only staff are able to host.

Bug fixes:

Fixed bug where /stats didn't show wins

If best pve scenario is enabled, the fall damage you take at the start of the game, even though you get healed, takes you off the best pve list

Removed meetup timer from DragonRush

Removed rivers from REDvsBLUE and Meetup

Fixed bug where players using 1.10 and up couldn't vote for scenarios in scenario madness

If you encounter any bugs, please do report it or fill in this form