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IGN: Stephh
By Stephh » about 1 year ago
This is not a bug but personally I think it gives players an unfair advantage. Earlier I was playing a game of God UHC and the meetup map was almost completely water and just the slightest bit of land. All three of the other people in meetup targeted me and all three of them had depth strider boots. In my opinion this is extremely unfair because you never know when the map will be completely water or land so if you throw out the boots there is always a chance of losing to something you get at the beginning of the game. Personally I think I am very good at pvp and every time the people in the game were on land I did really well against them but since in water they had faster movement I died. I think the boots should be removed from everyone's inventory at meetup or when pvp enables or when they are in combat should be removed from the players body. 

Thank you for reading 


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IGN: Rholu
By Rholu » about 1 year ago
Hi Stephh,

This post would be much better suited in the suggestions board, but depth strider boots provide no unfair advantages because each player is given a pair at the start of the game. If you throw them out, then you can only blame yourself. Thanks for the suggestion though. (: