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By PlayUHC » over 3 years ago

List of commands:

  • /report - Report a player.
  • /stats - View your stats.
  • /chat - Toggle between team and global chat in UHC.
  • /duel - Open the duel menu.
  • /team - Look who a player is teamed with.
  • /tp - Teleport to a player when spectating a UHC.
  • /time - View how far it is in to a game.
  • /ping - Look at your ping.
  • /msg  - Send a message to a player.
  • /r - Reply to a message.
  • /hub - Go back to the hub. (/lobby, /leave, /l, /spawn works too.)
  • /arena - Go to the PvP arena.
  • /parkour start - Teleport you to the start of the parkour.
  • /parkour best - Tells you your record time at the parkour.
  • /ranks - Gives you a list of all ranks.
  • /ranks <rank-name> - Gives you more information about one specific rank.

There are a lot more commands I can't think of right now feel free to reply with other commands.