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IGN: JWhel
By JWhel » about 1 year ago
Hey everyone, exciting updates have been added over the past month so it’s time for another Monthly Update 23-06-18!

Current Staff:
Admins: Mezy, Sarinah
Senior Moderators: Kwegg, JWhel, Woodyat, Kasix
Moderators: Rholu, Ciaza, BraedenGames, xNebulae
Builders: Frenchy13, Bluehail101, DuggieInz, fiixy
Latest News:

/Fly has been added, this will allow players with supporter rank or higher to toggle on and off their ability to fly in the hub.

/Party public has been released! You can use /Party public (max-players)  to create a public party. Passwords can be added to your public party by doing the command /Party public (password) To join players will do the command /Party join (party owner's ign) (password).

Starter food has been added to all Speed UHC games.

Hastey Boys has been added to Speed UHC instead of the Haste potion effect.

Private voice channels have been added to the discord for players with patron rank or higher. Once they are in any voice channel, they can do the command !private which will create a private call for them to pull their friends from the MOVE voice channel into their own private call!

The reporting format here has now also been pinned to the top of the ‘’Report rule breakers’’ section of the forums so players can follow these guidelines and format.

When using /report (ign) Chat in game, you will now need to provide evidence as mods may not be on the same server where the chat offence occurred.

Leaderboards have been updated – The typical sign and player skull have been replaced with holographic tags that show: the position each player is in, their IGN, the amount of wins/kills that player has.
Bug fixes:

The absorption glitch in FFA arena has been resolved.

Players using versions above 1.8 will no longer be rendered invisible when teleported.

/Rejoin has been altered so that you now need to be in a server for a full minute for /rejoin to send you to that server. This will prevent players from accidentally joining the wrong game when using /rejoin.

Players can no longer /spec staff in an attempt to find out which staff member warned/kicked/muted them.

If you encounter any bugs, please do report it or fill in this. form