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IGN: Woodyat
By Woodyat » about 1 year ago
Hey Everyone. It's time for Monthly Update 03-08-16 to cover the changes over the past month!

Current Staff:
Admins: Mezy, Sarinah
Senior Moderators: Kwegg, JWhel, Woodyat
Moderators: BraedenGames, xNebulae, Hexlyon, UghReally, Tigian
Builders: Frenchy13, Bluehail101, PopPanda

Latest News:

After many requests, we added Meetup To2 for you and a team mate. This replaced Mega Red vs Blue.

A new Limbo was added with a few twists.

Leaderboards are now more advanced and you can now see how many more kills/wins you need to get a place. This can be done by clicking each leaderboard.

We introduced the Monthly Challenge alongside a win effect for each player that placed in the top 10 of the challenge. Last month's challenge was "Most Games Played" and this months is "Most Blocks Placed".

A Commands channel was added to the Discord for members to use commands such as !players and !private.

Bug Fixes:

The issue where players weren't automatically put into teams in Gone Fishing has been fixed.

Players can no longer use arrows in join messages. This is to prevent impersonation.

Bug where diamonds didn't drop XP with Triple Ores scenario has been fixed.

If you encounter any bugs, please do report it or fill in this form.