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IGN: Tigian
By Tigian » 11 months ago
Welcome to the monthly update of September 2018, in this we cover all the changes over the past month!

Current Staff:
Admins: Mezy, Sarinah
Senior Moderators: Kwegg, Kasix, Tigian
Moderators: UghBraeden, QueenSusie, iRuinEverything, cxnor, Styrex, HevIshTired
Builders: Frenchy13, Bluehail101, PopPanda

Latest News/ Bug Fixes:

The much requested /nick command has been released to all Youtube, Twitch and VIP ranks! If you notice someone is using this new feature please out of respect do not mention it in chat.

You are now able to see your friends when you have players hidden in the hub.

Fixed an issue where sometimes private voice channels on our Discord server did not work.

Fixed an issue with names and ranks not syncing correctly on Discord.

A new Monthly Challenge has began, this months challenge is most diamonds mined! Congratulations to iRuinEverything, HelloMrWild and eRa_Jon on getting the top 3 positions last month!

If you encounter any bugs, please do report it here.

We're always looking for new Moderators, If you're interested in applying please fill out this application.

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