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IGN: Sarinah
By Sarinah » about 1 year ago

Sadly the time has come to announce that we have decided to leave PlayUHC behind us...

We want to thank each and everyone of you for being part of this community and sticking with us till this day. It’s been an incredible run, especially this year and we couldn’t have done it without you guys. Unfortunately, Mezy and I don’t have enough time as we need to continue running PlayUHC. There’s multiple factors playing part into this which has led to the decision of closing the server. PlayUHC has been our baby and it’s so hard to say goodbye to all of this. We care deeply for the server but sometimes we have to make decisions and sadly this is one of them…

Thank you Mezy for giving me the opportunity to do this all together, it’s been a blast, your work is amazing and should be appreciated by everyone. I’m glad we got to do this and I will never forget this.

Thank you to our staff team and previous staff members for putting time and effort into making the server a better place for everyone, we appreciate it so much. Special thanks to Senior Mods Kwegg and Tigian, you guys have been here for ages and always stuck by us, thanks for your constant support and help it means the world.

Thank you to our builders and special thanks to our head builder Frenchy for making amazing builds making the server look fantastic.

Thank you to all the content creators for advertising the server for us, thanks for the support and hopefully you enjoyed hanging out.

And thanks again to all of you, we all built this community together, kept it a fun place and made loads of friends. I hope you all made some good memories on here and will look back at PlayUHC with a smile. Thank you to all of you that supported the server by donating, it means so much to us and we will forever appreciate it.

Special words from Mezy:
“It's hard to describe how I feel about closing play. It's been over 2 years since I started it and I enjoyed every moment. A lot of fun memories I'll never forget. I met so many people thought it it's been amazing. Of course I want to thank everyone that made this possible but Sarinah did that better than I ever could. So I'd like to thank her. Without her the server would have never been the place it's been. Thank you so much for all the work you did <3 “-Mezy

We will close the server around the beginning of November, before then we will have a last event which everyone is able to join to say goodbye to PlayUHC.  We hope you guys still stick by us until the end. Information about this event will follow and date and time will be announced in Discord.

We are thinking about keeping the Discord for the community to stay in touch.

We are still looking for someone who is interested in taking over the server and we are open  to discuss the options, contact me or Mezy on Discord or on Twitter, please serious proposals only.

I hope everyone will understand our decision, thanks for joining us on this journey <3


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IGN: HalfCookie_Hi
By HalfCookie_Hi » about 1 year ago
Wow, this really came as a shock, however I understand that if you don’t have time, there’s nothing you can do about it. I would consider trying to run the server, but because I’m young and I don’t have the money, I wouldn’t last a minute. I really hope someone has the ability to take over the server because we all have some incredible memories on the server. Now I feel really weird about making the forum post saying that PlayUHC was keeping UHC alive, and I hope the server’s community can find another server because it’s going to be awful without the incredible PlayUHC players. 
Thanks for the memories.
- LivelyCookie


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IGN: Cholloway01
By Cholloway01 » about 1 year ago
Ah, I was here when the server was new. 
It's been a great run, good job!


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IGN: samorourkee
By samorourkee » 5 months ago
This was a year ago, and I come back to read it and I cry again

Be Loyal. Be Faithful. Be Soulful. That's what papa always said 
~Evan smiley