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IGN: Rubbertjuh
By Rubbertjuh » 11 months ago

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the monthly update for October 2018. We are releasing this slightly earlier than usual as the maintenance we have completed during October is quite significant, so we would like to let you guys know exactly what has happened!

Current Staff

Owner: Rubbertjuh
Admins: AlwaysQuads, Jaski_, KaiNoMood, Merjilin, PrincessStrawb, Prizzianna

Senior Moderators: Kwegg, Tigian
Moderators: BraedenGames, TarotCard, UghReally
Builders: Frenchy13

October Maintenance:

Maintenance was finished on Oct 27th at 10 AM UTC, and the servers have officially been moved to new hardware! If you experience any issues on the servers, please report them in the #bug-reports Discord channel as we are still working on fixing them! However, the changes we have currently made can be seen below:


  • New backend, new machine, new location: PlayUHC is now closer to the UK and the US, with the servers now being located at Gravelines (France), lowering the ping (latency). We are now using better hardware, with an Intel i7-7700k 4.5 GHz CPU, 64 GB DDR4 RAM and 2x NVMe SSD.

  • New game queuing system: to access a game server, you will now wait in a queue in the hub. This will greatly reduce the waste of resources (CPU and RAM) used by empty instances, leading to an overall improvement of the servers performances! With this new system, you will also be able to keep track of all the queues and join the one you prefer instead of joining a server and wait there, hoping someone will join!

  • New "Game Selector" on the Hub: join a game queue directly from the Game Selector (use the compass in your hand). You are also able to see the number of queued players.

  • New game signs to reflect the new queuing system.

  • Added new in-game command "/tlh": shows the coordinates like /tl, but will hide the coordinates from yourself and only show your teammates. This will be useful for streamers.

  • Added new in-game command "/tlh [Teammate Name]": show the coordinates like /tl, but will not show the coordinates to the specified teammate. Useful for streamers' teammates.

  • Dynamic CPU priority system: The servers’ CPU priority is now dynamically adjusted based on the game state. Loading games will have lower CPU priority, and active games with players will have higher CPU priority to reduce lag on the most intense parts of the game. In short, power will go where it is actually needed.

  • FFA-Arena: you can't shoot arrows from spawn (Above coordinate y: 80) anymore.

  • Duels: It only accepts 2 players.

  • Music bot in Discord, find out the commands in #commands channel.

We have had many questions about why this maintenance was done, and why so much has been implemented quickly when we said we were going to take this slow, but we would like to explain this in more detail.

Some of the licenses required for the servers to function expired on the 28th of October, and the dedicated servers used for PlayUHC would also expire shortly afterward. Because of this, we have been working around the clock to test and fix as much as we can in the past few days, including the development of the queuing system as we would not be able to host the server without it. To put it simply, the games were made for the old dedicated hardware and were not really made to be transferred to other hardware without extensive work.

Due to the very short timeline, we were unable to communicate most changes in advance within the staff team and to the players. The short timeline also resulted in us not being able to test the new systems as much as we would normally do with changes like this. This rush resulted in more bugs than we anticipated. We are sorry for this, but I hope you all will keep in mind the circumstances that we had to work with. As of right now, there are still some issues; please know that we will continue to work on resolving the remaining issues and we hope that you will be able to help us by reporting any issues you may find.

We would like to thank everyone who trusted us, reported bugs and who have supported us in other means or ways. We are looking forward to the future and are excited to work and play with you all. As requested multiple times and said by ourselves, in the upcoming days we will be posting more introductions and are also planning a Q&A so everyone can get to know each other better.

We would also like to remind everyone of the event which Mezy & Sarinah will be running as their “final event” as admins on the server. This will be hosted on November 3rd and the time is yet to be confirmed! More details can be found in the PlayUHC Discord. If you can not be at the event, make sure you thank them beforehand!


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IGN: gamingwithessa
By gamingwithessa » 11 months ago
Great now that it is hosted closer to the UK as that's where most of the players are from.


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IGN: LivelyCookie
By LivelyCookie » 11 months ago
Well done fitting everything into the short space of time, also are the moderator applications (google form) the same?


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IGN: PrincessStrawb
By PrincessStrawb » 11 months ago
LivelyCookie said: Well done fitting everything into the short space of time, also are the moderator applications (google form) the same?
Hey :) For now yes they will remain the same - However we do have plans to change the application process slightly so it will be done via forum rather than the google form, although this will be done in the future.

We are just waiting for the official handover from them documents so we can look into them!


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IGN: LivelyCookie
By LivelyCookie » 11 months ago
Ok, thanks!