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IGN: Cosmicia
By Cosmicia » 6 months ago
Hey guys! So here is my suggestion for a cosmetic system that could not only reward playing the server; but also encourage team play and winning games!
Currently we have a coin system implemented on the server, but to the best of my knowledge its useless. Lets change that.

First Suggestion- Hats and particle trails for the lobby.
Currently, all cosmetics are locked behind ranks, except the boots you can upgrade from getting past the parkour. Lets make hats available to all players for a price, but reduced/free for people with ranks. Make some cosmetics locked behind achievements. For exampled

      Flower hat- 5 flower power wins in solo's or teams
      Flower Trail- 50 flower power wins in solo's or teams
 Also, we could have achievement specific hats such as "Eat 20 golden apples in 1 game of uhc" granting you the Gold Block Hat
I just want to hear everyones basic thoughts on this topic before expanding on it further. If the community/staff like the idea, Ill propose a full list of achievements and hats


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IGN: Infinitty
By Infinitty » 6 months ago
Hey Cosmicia, I really like this idea! The only problem is, we would begin to run out of hat ideas VERY quickly. To make sure that doesn't occur, maybe make it a bit harder to unlock the hats. E.g  25 Flower power wins instead of 5. Putting that aside, it is a nice idea which gets the community more engaged and involved into the games on PlayUHC. 


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IGN: LivelyCookie
By LivelyCookie » 6 months ago
I agree completely with your idea! Excellent suggestion!