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IGN: Jqshh
By Jqshh » 8 months ago
Ign : Jqshh 
Action : Ban
Where : server
What did you do :I don’t even know what happend! My internet stopped and I was lagging back and forwards and there were multiple people attacking me , I crashed and then after my internet started working again (took half an hour as the internet went all weird) and when the problem got fixed . I logged back on and was banned for 12 months . I honestly have no idea what happend! I have brought a rank on the server as well and I really love to play uhc on the server. 
Why should we unban you: As I’m a loyal player and I had made many friends on the server such as one of your moderators infinity and I’m 100% loyal. I love the server and would never be mean / be unfair to the people in the community.


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 8 months ago
You've been banned by our anti-cheat system 3 times for prohibited modification. First time in February, then again in May, then again in September.

I will unban you this time. If you have been cheating, I highly suggest to not cheat anymore because next time you'll do the whole 12 months banned. I hope you've learned your lesson.
If you haven't cheated and it is your internet connection having issues, I suggest getting it checked because these things could happen again.

Ban appeal accepted.