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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 11 months ago

I'm Kai, admin and developer at ToastyNetworks and PlayUHC.

Top 10 facts about KaiNoMood:
  1. My name is Antonino, but keep calling me Kai. I'm a 29 years old Italian guy. I live in Sicily (major island of southern Italy. Yes, the "mafia" one).
  2. I've been a technology nerd since I got my first console (NES) at age 5.
  3. I got my first PC when I was 7 years old, and one of my first videogames was Age of Empires. A year later I guessed the BIOS password of my PC and shortly after I deleted the whole hard drive partition table using fdisk. Then I reinstalled Windows 98 and everything back again. The computer technician told my dad it was unbelievable for a 8 years old kid, so I started computer science courses since then.
  4. My school grades sucked. I really hated my school days, and I really didn't want to study. Now I regret doing that.
  5. I've studied 5 languages: Italian, English, French, Japanese and Korean, although I can fluently speak just 3 of them (Italian, English and Japanese).
  6. Although I used to work for a big company, I decided to leave it and work from home instead.
  7. I'm a software developer, known by my friends and past teachers as the "human compiler". I also enjoy DIY, especially making Internet of Things microcontrollers that enables controlling home things with your smartphone (domotics).
  8. I love videogames, although I avoid playing jumpscare and "cancer" games (mostly competitive games like all MOBAs, and Fortnite-like games) as I do not enjoy them.
  9. I've been playing Minecraft since 2011... although I quit for few months after a friend told me about Herobrine (without telling me it was fake).
  10. I found out about PlayUHC through NettyPlays streams around October 2017 after I started following her for the Minecraft Evolution series. As you may already know from the news that was posted few weeks ago by Rubbertjuh, I am the one that wanted PlayUHC to not close. After watching so many times Netty streaming on the server, I couldn't let that happen. So I asked Rubbertjuh if we could do something about it and... now here we are.


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IGN: LivelyCookie
By LivelyCookie » 11 months ago
Welcome Kai! Thanks for being responsible for the server staying up <3 It’s hugely appreciated by all of us on PlayUHC!