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IGN: TryhardCentral10
By TryhardCentral10 » 8 months ago
This is my application of why I want to be a builder.

What style do you build in?
I build in many different styles. I build some famous building around the world, shops, stores, houses, etc.

How long have you been building in Minecraft?
I have been building for about 5 months in Minecraft.

What is your timezone/country?
My time zone is EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) and I live in the United States

What inspires you to build?
A lot of people inspire me to build. I watch many tutorials on YouTube and I am just blown away by their builds. So I decided I should give it a try and it works out really well!

What is your IGN?
My IGN is OrangeDZN_YT

Why do you want to become a Builder?
I want to become a builder in PlayUHC, because I want people to be impressed by some builds by me. I like to help out and build for minecraft servers when they are in an extreme need for builders. If people complement on how amazing my builds are, it encourages me to build more for the server. I love to work with people and I take their ideas for what to build, and we can build together. I build for fun and I don;t compete with people when building. I am always available for help. I will never say "no" for helping build. I will not let you down.

Evidence of builds:

Thank you for taking the time to read my application!


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IGN: Frenchy13
By Frenchy13 » 8 months ago
Thank you for taking your time to apply for the builder rank, but unfortunately you didn't include enough images of your builds. You may reapply, but please make sure to include enough images of your builds. - Frenchy13