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IGN: PoofessorP
By PoofessorP » 3 months ago
Please read the whole thing before going to comment something like "speed shouldnt be disabled because its speed uhc!!"

Hey, I wanted to suggest something that's been infuriating me and alot of other players ever since SpeedUHC got added: If you could remove speed from meetup and keep it during pre meetup, that would be really appreciated. This probably comes off as confused from first sight, I'll explain. At meetup all players are tped together to fight, and everyone still has speed 2, So lets say I go fight someone, but he has a good sword and does alot of damage to me. So i get to about 3 hearts, I need to run back to heal. But I'm unable to, the sprinting speed with without speed 2, is 20.2 km/h. and thats about double with the speed 2 in meetup. but the speed at which you run while eating is, 4.7 km/h. So when you try to eat healing, you're running at 4.7 kmh while someone is charging you running at about, we can say 45+ kmh. Since you can't do anything because you are walking so slow while someone is running so fast, you will naturally end up dead if you don't get the first hits. UHC Is supposed to be all about exciting intense fights that last more then a few minutes. This also renders healing essentially useless. I think the concept of speed uhc, quick uhcs are fun but not when you can do squat to nothing about your death. I think you should disable speed 2 at meetup and it would make alot of players happy. 


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IGN: LivelyCookie
By LivelyCookie » 3 months ago
I agree, it can be infuriating sometimes