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IGN: ligmistere
By ligmistere » 10 months ago
I was in FFA and I wasn't teaming with anyone, someone accused someone of hacking so I took off my armour to watch (so people wouldn't think I was fighting), and people understood I wasn't teaming and that I was watching. the fight was between Hedge_Turtle and Ideology, and I never interacted with them or helped either of them, I simply watched and tried to tell Hedge_turtle that if he believed Ideology was hacking, he should report him. At some point, someone new came and attacked me which I understood so I fought him back. then after ideology and Hedge_turtle resolved their problem, I continued to fight, about 5 minutes later I got banned even though at no point I was double teaming anyone to my knowledge. Thank you for you're consideration, thanks for the help. I truly believe whoever banned me made a mistake because I believe someone called him online to ban me even though I wasn't teaming with anyone, I was just trying to help my fellow people on the server, for a brief period of time, then continued fighting.


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IGN: KaiNoMood
By KaiNoMood » 10 months ago
This is not the way to ban appeal. Please follow the correct procedure if you want to appeal.